Sparkling wine for the best moments.

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Red sparkling wine Gala is a classic sparkling wine of intense red color with purple shades from Teran. The grape of the best quality is handpicked in late September. The taste of Gala is ripe, full, pronounced and slightly sweeter, with predominant aromas of forest fruits, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries predominate. It ends slowly, with a velvet tannin feel. A ripe fruit flavor reminds us of raspberries, blackberries and ripe forest fruits with a vanilla hint. Gala is a rich and mineral sparkling wine. The wine is macerated for up to 12 days and matured in oak barrels and stainless steel containers. Fermentation in the bottle takes at least 48 months. We recommend it with cheese, prosciutto and red meat, but you can also drink it independently. Serve at a temperature between 4 °C (39 F) and 6 °C (43 F). Sparkling wine for the best moments. Produced with respect to nature and tradition.