Tera Teran sparkling wine is made from teran using the Charmat method. The sparkling wine has a fresh, fruity, and dry taste and is pleasant. A sparkling wine that wants another glass.

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Sparkling red wine Tera is made from teran using the Charmat method. It has an intense red color with purple tints. The sparkling wine has a full, pronounced, fresh, fruity, and dry taste and is very pleasant. The tannins are ripe and smooth. Forest fruits, raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry predominate. It has a ripe fruity bouquet reminiscent of raspberries, blackberries, and ripe black fruits with a hint of vanilla. The best quality grapes are harvested by hand in late September. The wine is macerated for 12 days and matured in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. The sparkling wine won a Gold Award at the 2018 Glass of Bubbly Awards and a Gold Award and Grand Prix in the Fireworks category at the 2019 International Champagne Awards. We recommend it with a plate of prosciutto, cheese, and figs. Serve it at a temperature between 4 °C and 6 °C. A sparkling wine that wants another glass.

We produce modern sparkling and still wines from local red varieties of refošk, malvasia, grey pinot, chardonnay, and vito grganza. The wines are made on the red soil of Terra Rossa, in Štanjel in the Karst – where centuries of viticulture and winemaking heritage are written in every inch of the earth.

We are proud that our family estate also produces sparkling red wine. There are fewer than ten producers of sparkling wine made from teran worldwide. At Vina Kobal, we are committed to spreading the long-standing tradition and tradition with pride and perseverance. Thanks to our family’s dedication and trust, we have become one of the leading wineries in the Carpathian wine-growing region over the decades, despite our small size, with just over 600 hectares of vineyards planted with vines.

We grow with a love of nature and family tradition.